(005) Go to three food festivals 
Vidalia Onion Festival in Vidalia, Georgia. So first of all, it's pronounced "Veh-dawl-ee-ah," and their "festival" was quite lame, if I do say so myself. The highlight of the day was getting a bloomin' onion and hanging out with friends:

(014) Read a book a month
Best Friends Forever by  Jennifer Weiner. I really like Weiner's other books, but this one didn't entice me as much as the others. It was okay, but nothing spectacular.

Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot. Okay, so several years ago—heck, even maybe last year—this book would've been right up my alley. It's chick lit at it's best...or at least mediocre chick lit, but either I'm growing out of this style of writing or the plot and book in general just didn't do it for me. It was good, but I guess not my cup of tea. I think I'm in a book funk, because the last two books I've read haven't captivated me the way novels used to...

(039) Send thank you notes by May 1, 2010
Woohoo! I sent these out on time :) I have pictures of me sending them...somewhere...

(059) Try a new haircut
Yup! Done and done. I cut off around 7 inches of hair :)

(075) Try one new recipe a month
12. Banana Blueberry Muffins. I used this recipe from Tasty Kitchen and they were delicious! I'll take pictures the next time I make them...

  13. Chewy Coconut M&M Cookies. (used the recipe found here)

(077) Bake and give away a dozen different baked goods
I made cookies and sent them to Kenny in a care package. 

(081) Bake at least 10 different cupcake

(085) Have a yard sale
 The first week Kenny was gone my friends and I had a yard sale at my house!

(087) Purge my closet once a year (1/3)  
I had a lot purge for the yard sale :) 


Anonymous said...

This whole post is full of yum! Those Nutella

I hear you about the book funk. I hope you're out of it!!