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Getting My Learn On

(014) Read a book a month 

4. Savannah Comes Undone
This was the second book in the trio and it was a very quick read. Nothing spectacular about it.

5. The Best Day of Someone Else's Life
This book took a little getting into before it got good, but I really enjoyed it. A great chick-lit read and especially entertaining if you just got married, you're about to tie the knot, or you're a repeat bridesmaid!

*I need to step up my book reading; I should have seven complete by now...

(065) Watch 26 Movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet  
B. Bounty Hunter 
*Saw this at the $1 theater and thought it was entertaining. I'm happy I didn't pay full price to see it, though. 

F. Fake Identity
*I have a confession to make: I LOVE Val Kilmer. Well, I loved him in The Saint. This movie, on the other hand, was terrible. Like awful, real bad, don't even think about watching it. 

I. It's Complicated 
*Cute movie. I thought I'd be grossed out by the adults being all in love, but it was cute.

N. North by Northwest
My husband put this on and made me for us to watch last night and I really liked it! I have another confession to make: I thought all Alfred Hitchcock movies were scary based on the few I've seen. This was a classic suspense movie, though, and not scary at all! I liked it :)

T. Time Traveler's Wife
*I read the book last September and sobbed like a baby through the last half. I really enjoyed the book and contemplated not watching the movie, because I didn't want them to ruin how much I liked the book. The movie, I thought, was created very nicely and followed the book enough to satisfy my imagination.

W. When in Rome
*As far as chick flicks go, this one was awful. I wish I could say what I didn't like about it, but honestly, the whole movie was pretty lame in my opinion...

Domestic Goddess
(075) Try one new recipe a month 
14. Pasta with Tomato and Blue Cheese Sauce (Pioneer Woman)
*LOVED this dish and can't wait to make it again!

15. Twice Baked Potatoes (Pioneer Woman)
* Oh. My. Word. These were beyond delicious and unbelievably easy to make. I can't wait to have these again sometime. I also lightened it up by using fat free sour cream, Brummel and Brown butter, and not as many bacon bits. Delicious.

16. Margarita by Alton Brown
*Okay, I technically didn't make this, but I sure drank every last sip of it. My husband made this and it was hands down one, one of—if not the—best margarita I've ever tasted. Yes, it's time consuming and a sticky process, but the outcome is lip-smacking deliciousness.

17. Blueberry Pie 
*See above, because I didn't make this one either. It was also extremely tasty and surprisingly not as bad for you as most pies are. He substituted Splenda for part of the sugar, too. yummy.

(082) Get my grandma’s recipes
*I got her recipes, but now I want to make a recipe book with them, so I'm not marking this complete, yet. 

Good Will
(084) Pay for a stranger’s meal/coffee once a year 
1. While I was home I got coffee at Satellite Cafe and left a $10 after I paid for my coffee and asked the drive-through attendant to pay for the next couple cars' orders after I left. 

(098) Get three people to make lists of their own (0/3)
1. JoJo's Life in the 505
2. Kristin's 101 in 1001 Days
3. Amanda (my sister in law)! *Amanda, let me know when you get yours up and running so I can add a link here :)


Anonymous said...

Great progress, Jess! :) You're doing really well! *jealous* :)