Marking More Off!


(014) Read a book a month 
First Comes Love: I'm a sucker for cute titles and fun book covers, so this was right up my alley. I found I related to the character more at the beginning of the book, since she was a newlywed and was the only one without children in her group of friends. Once she actually got pregnant it was interesting to read just to hear about her experience.

English American: Again, this book was perfect for me since I love England and I'm an American. It's about a girl who was born in America, but adopted to a British family. It was very interesting, entertaining, and a great read.

Something Borrowed: My friend (Ali at His Birdie's Nest) found out I had never read anything by Emily Giffen and so she sent me three of her books! I finally got around to reading Something Borrowed and I loved it. Now I'm reading Something Blue!

(074) Take a cake decorating class
I'm taking the Wilton Decorating Basics class right now and I love it!

(075) Try one new recipe a month
Pesto. Our garden was overflowing with basil so I made several cups of pesto! I froze some in ice trays, so hopefully they'll be good this winter.

Salsa. See below.

(079) Make salsa from scratch
Done and done. It's a family recipe, but once I find it (it's in my kitchen and I'm in my living room!) I'll post it.  

(100) Take a bubble bath with candles at least once a month
 I took one last month and read part of my book while relaxing in the tub!

**Changed 009 (Go to an Oktoberfest to Replicate "The Kiss" in Times Square


Claudia said...

Those books look good! I'm a sucker for cute titles and fun covers, too. :D I'm glad you enjoyed Something Borrowed!

Laura W. said...

I've told you time and time again. NO MORE CHIC LIT! It's like men after your married, you can look (at the covers) but not touch (or read) in this case. Ok so, not a great analogy, but you get it. ha ha. PS. I finally started my blog and have a new post up!

megan said...

I've never read anything by Emily Giffen either! I've heard great things so I may have to add this to my to do list.