Movies and Creativity

Apparently the only thing I can do for my 101 list is watch movies. I'll be less lame, soon. I'm going to try accomplishing a lot of these when my husband deploys.

C. Couples Retreat. Watched it last night and thought it was better than most of the reviews I heard/saw/read. My husband wasn't a fan, though; he thought it would be more like The Hangover.

H. The Hurt Locker. I really didn't see the appeal with this movie and definitely don't know how it won so many awards. It was very "blah" in my opinion.

I was at TJ Max and saw an All-occasion card box! It's an accordian-style box and it came with 15 different cards. I added several other cards to it, so now I have cards ready to go. Now all I need to do is actually send them out!