End of the Year Update

I know it's been awhile, but slow and steady wins the race...or in this case, completes the list. I started this a year ago today and I'm really happy I haven't ditched it over the past 365 days. Last year was full with challenges and blessings, and I'm excited to see what 2011 will bring. We will be moving this year, and because of where I think we're going, I may be revamping several of my items. But since it's been more than two months since I updated this list, here are the things I've worked on:

(014) Read a book a month (8/34)
I wish I had more to put down, but I've only read one book in the past two months: Something Blue by Emily Giffin. I need to step up if I want to cross off this category!
Something Blue

(018) Learn to take great food photos
Definitely a work in progress. I need to change this to "Learn to take great photos" just in general. I started a photography blog to help my progress and I'm considering taking a photo every day in 2011 to help. The new blog: Shutterbug Jess. 

(027) Buy an SLR camera
I bought a Nikon d3100 on Black Friday, 2010. I'm over the moon with this purchase and love practicing with it!

(065) Watch 26 Movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (19/26)
R. The Rock. Watched this with my husband...it was okay, I suppose.

(075) Try one new recipe a month (35/34)
It turns out that I really like to cook and bake, so this category is now CROSSED OUT!! P.S. Have you checked out my new cooking blog with my sister-in-law? The Tale of Two Kitchens :)
29. Sweet and Spicy Tilapia
30. Coconut Macaroons
31. Taco Soup
32. Puppy Chow
33. Tahini Cookie Bars
34. Eggs Florentine Casserole
35. Black-Eyed Pea Salad

(077) Bake and give away a dozen different baked goods (2/12)
3. Baked three dozen for my husband for Christmas/New Years.

(081) Bake at least 10 different cupcakes (3/10)
4. I made Creepy, Crawly, Dirt(y) Cupcakes! 

(082) Get my grandma’s recipes
CHECK! Now I just need to put them into a recipe book!

(088) Tip 100% of a restaurant bill
CHECK! I did this at a restaurant called O'Charleys, but I'd like to leave a 100% tip again sometime. I went to a very large group lunch (about 20 women PLUS kids) and the waitress we had was amazingly patient and got all of the orders right. She handled the group like a pro and did it all herself, which is a feat all on its own. My bill was only around $15, but she deserved every penny.

(091) Make a gingerbread house
CHECK! I went to a gingerbread house party and had an absolute blast! It was my first experience with making a gingerbread house and definitely won't be my last! 

(092) Go on a ghost tour
CHECK! I have photos, i just...um...haven't posted them. I went on a ghost tour in Savannah the week before Thanksgiving, 2010. Unfortunately (I think), it wasn't scary at all. The acting was actually pretty horrible—that may have been the scariest part. 

** Go through a corn maize 
This was an extra goodie, but my husband and I went through a corn maze in Georgia. I loved wandering through the labyrinth and can't wait to go through another one!

(100) Take a bubble bath with candles at least once a month (5/34)
6. November, migraine
7. December, migraine
8. December, flu