Playing Catch Up!

There's been a BIG change in our life, which means I need to actually change my list and update a few things. By the end of this year, my husband and I will be living in Italy! I feel like I'm doing fairly well at completing my list. I need to start reading more books and doing a few more things, but besides that...I like how it looks!

(001) Get a new passport (by January 2011)
Okay, so I didn't do this by January '11, but it is in the hands of the government right now, and should hopefully be here sometime soon!

(014) Read a book a month (9/34)
10. How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal
11. Baby Proof by Emily Giffin
12. Love the one Your With  by Emily Giffin

(040) Make a newlywed map
Done! I love our map. One thing I may need to change is to get it laminated. The humidity here is making it wrinkle against the foam core board.

(066) Host 10 game nights (1/10)
2. Held one with our friends. We started out playing Taboo and then it turned into a big chat fest.

(076) Create a cookbook of our favorite recipes
It's totally in process! We have the notebook and it's full of recipes, I just want to get a few more in there before I cross this one off. 

(077) Bake and give away a dozen different baked goods (3/12)
4. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies for #OperationLaya
5. Cookies for

(080) For one week, make meals that can only be made with ingredients already in our pantry
We had pantry week at the beginning of March, and it's still going on!

(087) Purge my closet once a year (1/3)
We purged before our yard sale and got rid of so much stuff!

(089) Mail Christmas cards by December 15 (0/3)
Again, since this is my list, I can change stuff if necessary. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Christmas cards didn't go out until....Valentine's Day. But it worked for us and I think it's going to stick!

(090) Send out Valentine cards each year (1/3)
See number 89 :)

(100) Take a bubble bath with candles at least once a month (5/34)
6. migraines in February
7. migraine in March