October Update

(005) Go to three food festivals
Pumpkin Festival in Venzone, Italy!

(010) See a Braves game (NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE)
changing this one to "Visit five different countries" (we only have a year left for this list, but I hope to visit many more countries in our three years here)

(031) Make a recipe book
Put together a family recipe book here

(056) Complete 5 real pushups
(057) Complete 10 real pushups all at one time
(058) Complete 20 real pushups all at one time

(062) Laugh so hard I pee my pants
...happened October 8, 2011, thanks to my husband tickling me when I REALLY had to pee!

65. Watch 26 Movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

(080) For one week, make meals that can only be made with ingredients already in our pantry 

(086) Give things to Goodwill or the Airmans’ Attic three times 
Right before we left September 11

(087) Purge my closet once a year 
in August, 2011