September Update

Holy cow! I technically only have 24 days left of this project. Luckily, I'll be crossing several things off by the end of the month :) Unfortunately, there will be more than a few that I know I won't accomplish, but that's just life.

(004) See the Neuschwanstein "Cinderella"castle (changed from: See The Ellen Show live)
DONE! Saw this on July 1 and here's the picture to prove it...a blog post will come sooner or later. 

(009) Give my new nephew a kiss (changed from: Replicate "The Kiss" in Times Square)
DONE! I gave this little man so much love!! 

(011) Sit in first class on an airplane
I feel like I can't really say I accomplished this. I did upgrade my seat, but it wasn't to first class. I don't think I'll ever sit in first class :( 

(014) Read a book a month (29/34)
30. The Happiness Project (read most of it)
31. Year of Wonders: A Novel About the Plague (it was surprisingly good!)
32: A Hidden Affair: Pam Jenoff (in progress)

(050) talk to a nutritionist on base (changed from: Run a 5k)
DONE! She's technically not a nutritionist, because you have to have a referral, but I am speaking with someone regarding nutrition. 

(065) Watch 26 Movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (25/26)
Q. Quantum of Solace

(073) Go to the orchestra
DONE! Kind of. This is another one that I'll have to fudge. My point was to get some culture in my life. Instead of going to the orchestra I went to an opera—Romeo and Juliet in Verona! Same(ish) difference? I'm counting it! 

(076) Create a cookbook of our favorite recipes
DONE! I put this together before my husband left. I still need to print out a few recipes from The Tale of Two Kitchens' site, but the cookbook has been created! 

(077) Bake and give away a dozen different baked goods (10/12)
10. Sent oatmeal raisin cookies to the desert for a friend as a thank you for helping us before they deployed

(093) come up with a fun, summer care package (changed from: Build a snowman)  
DONE! Made and sent! I need to blog about it ASAP