Six Months Left!

I need to start working at this a little more since I only have six months left! I've accomplished 40 things so far and have 30 "in progress." There are several things that just aren't possible anymore (see The Ellen Show, replicate "The Kiss" in Times Square, etc.), but there are a lot I can still work on. Looks like I have my work cut out for me! 

This is just a updated version of the list with what I still need to do. If I ever do this again I'd like to be more organized—it sort of drives me crazy how scattered everything is. 
Start date: Saturday, January 1, 2010
Complete date: Saturday, September 28, 2012
Items crossed out are completed (40/101)
Items in italics are miracles in progress (30/101)
Items with an asterisk (*) are additions to the list 

Going Places

(002) Visit a wonder of the world
(003) See an Olympic game in person
(004) See The Ellen Show live
(005) Go to one food festival (2/3)
(007) Visit family in New York
(009) Replicate "The Kiss" in Times Square
(010) See a Braves game Visit two countries
(011) Sit in first class on an airplane
(012) Go on a cruise (happening in September)

Getting My Learn On
(014) Read a book a month (17 more to read—best start reading more!)
(015) Spend an afternoon reading at a park(017) Learn Photoshop
(018) Learn to take great food photos
(019) Finish a New York Times crossword puzzle with no help
(020) Learn to drive a stick shift
(021) Re-read Vasari: Lives of the Artists
(022) Re-read Little Women
(023) Re-read Anthem
(024) Take another Italian renaissance class
(025) Read the Twilight series (or at least the first one)

Being Creative
(026) Send a postcard to PostSecret
(028) Knit my own scarf
(029) Find a home for my postcards
(032) Send 9 random “thinking of you” cards to friends/family (1/10)
(033) Hand write a blog entry, then scan and upload it online
(034) Make project 101 in 1001 or Project 365 into a book
(035) Find my "voice"

Wedding Bliss
(041) Make an “S” out of our wedding cards

Business and Money
(044) Get published in five different national magazines (0/5)
(047) Pay off my car
(049) Clip coupons and use them for one month

Get Healthy
(050) Run a 5k
(051) Run 13.1 miles
(052) Use an exercise ball as a chair for a week straight
(053) Run a mile under 10 minutes
(054) Participate in a triathlon
(055) Find 15 geocaches (0/15)
(060) Take a CPR class
(061) Complete the 30-Day Shred
(063) Spend an entire day "unplugged" once every three months a year. NINE more times!
(064) Shower every day for a month

(065) Watch 26 Movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (25/26) I need a "Z" movie
(066) Host 8 more game nights (2/10)

(067) Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in a day
(068) Watch all six Star Wars (5/6) ONE more to go
(069) Be with Kenny when he sees his first concert
(071) Listen to a book on tape
(073) Go to the orchestra

Domestic Goddess 
(076) Create a cookbook of our favorite recipes

(077) Bake and give away a dozen different baked goods (9/12) THREE more to go

(081) Bake at least 10 different cupcakes (5/10) FIVE more to go

Good Will
(083) Volunteer for an organization
(084) Pay for a stranger’s meal/coffee once a year (1/3)TWO more to go
(086) Give things to Goodwill or the Airmans’ Attic three times (2/3) ONCE more

Seasonal Stuff
(089) Mail Christmas cards by December 15 (1/3) (need to update)
(090) Send out Valentine cards each year (2/3)(need to update)
(093) Build a snowman
(094) Make snow ice cream


(099) Ride a motorcycle by myself
(100) Take a bubble bath with candles at least once a month (17/34) 17 more times. HA!
(101) Donate $1 to a charity for every goal not completed